6 Essential tips to make your CV stand out!

6 Essential tips to stand out with your CV

If you are looking to land a new job, writing an excellent CV is vital. A good Resume can get you that interview in no time, meaning that you are one step closer to getting your dream job. However, writing a good CV can be one of the toughest challenges in the job hunting process and if you get it wrong, you may face rejection after rejection.

Recruiters spend a few seconds scanning a CV before placing it on the YES or NO pile, this means that your CV should stand out from the rest. Here are our 6 essential tips on how to stand out with your CV:

1. Write a Cover Letter

A cover letter is the first opportunity to make your CV stand out. It should not be a copy and paste exercise of your CV, but rather a short and concise summary of what you bring to the table. Before you write your cover letter, read the job description of the position you are applying for, then read it again. Make sure your cover letter speaks to the specific job that you are applying for. Do not explain what you are looking for, but rather what value you can bring to the prospective Employer.

2. Keep your CV Short and Sweet

Always keep in mind that the person looking at your application may be looking at 50 others as well. Keep it simple and easy to read. Use clear section headings. Try to stay away from long-winded paragraphs.

3. Put Your Latest Experience First

Recruiters prefer to see your current or most recent job first. Shorten older roles and limit your job responsibility descriptions to just two to four of the most important points. By keeping things brief, you can dedicate more space to your proudest and most relevant achievements.

4. Explain Gaps

Highlight why you have any gaps in your CV. A prospective employer will ask “why was he/she unemployed during this time”? Answer this type of question in your CV before it is asked. The reason might be retrenchments, maternity leave or any other personal reason, but don’t let the recruiter wonder or make any assumptions.

5. Shout Out Your Achievements

Most job hunters write their CV’s like a job description. They faithfully list the duties they performed. However, they fail to show the positive impact of their contribution to the organisation as a whole. Achievements give the employer an overview of your strengths and unique selling points. This encourages your recruiter to seriously consider your application and to invite you for an interview. The best CV’s are those with quantifiable and measurable accomplishments. Ask yourself “How do my achievements contribute to the bottom line?”. 

6. Consider Using a Professional to Assist You with Your CV

Your CV might get you an interview, and an interview might get you a job, and that job might just change your life. If you need assistance in order to WOW the person receiving your application, feel free to contact me!

Do you need assistance with writing your CV or does your CV need a revamp? Contact me to help you wow your interviewer…

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