How to Ace Your Next Interview!

How to Ace Your Next Interview

We understand that interviews can be tough and stressful, you are afraid that you will say the wrong thing that will sabotage your chances of landing the job. But don’t worry, you are not the only one and the best way to get ready is to be well prepared. Here are our 5 top tips to ace your next interview:

1. Be on Time, and with this I Mean, Be Early

It is important to know the location of your interview and to arrive early. This will enable you to relax and take a 5-minute breather before your interview starts. There is nothing more stressful than getting lost, running around and starting the interview late and out of breath. If you have a virtual interview, have all the technology set up and ready in advance. Do a trial run to be sure everything is working properly.

2. Do Research on the Company

“What do you know about our company?” is a question that pops up almost always. You do not need to know everything about the company, but at least know the basics. You need to understand the services that they offer and what they are looking for in a new hire. These days it is also important to know what the company culture is and to ensure that you’re able to discuss how your personality, skills and experience not only fit the job, but also the company culture.

3. Practice makes Perfect

With some advance preparation, you’ll be able to nail the interview and showcase the experience that makes you the most ideal candidate. By preparation I do not mean memorize. You do not want to sound like a robot.

It is all about confidence and what gives you more confidence than feeling prepared? Practice typical interview questions by looking in the mirror and answering them out loud. Or contact me and we will do this together! I provide you with a safe atmosphere to make mistakes and more importantly, to learn from them, so you’re better prepared for the real thing.

4. Listen and Stay Relevant

From the very beginning of the interview, your interviewer is giving you information. If you are not hearing it, you are missing a major opportunity to excel. It is very important to listen carefully to the Interview questions. You can have impressive, fancy answers, but if they do not answer the questions that were asked, there is no point. Try to stay as relevant as possible, and back it up with evidence or an example from your past experience. Keep it simple. Being clear, concise and relevant is one of the most important aspects of an interview.

5. Connect. Connect. Connect

You know you can do the job; but how do you make sure the interviewer believes you can? It is all about a connection. That first impression can be a great beginning or a quick ending. Be real, honest and yourself. We all appreciate realness. You are unique. There is no-one with the exact personality and skills as you, so connect by just being your true self.

You connect by using your communication skills. Good communication skills include letting the interviewer know you heard what was said. It is also best to observe your interviewer and match their style and pace. Be sure to keep your eyes focused on the interviewers and make sure to include everyone on the interview panel. Stop competing and start connecting.

I offer a 1-on-1 interview skills workshop that provides a safe atmosphere to make mistakes and more importantly, to learn from them, so you’re better prepared for the real thing.